has anyone produced a paper with maps?


Hi everyone, i have a question about maps...

i am trying to write a paper and i need to include a figure of a map of my study sites in the UK (i was doing ecology-type research).  Ideally, i would like to use OS maps, but i'm not sure how it works for copyrights etc - can i just copy & paste a screenshot of the OS maps i want and say where i got it from? OR do i have to get written permission?

The journal's author's instructions are not particularly helpful.

Has anyone produced a paper with maps before? Are there any alternatives to OS maps you could recommend?

Many thanks


I've done it for my masters thesis but I drew them myself via GIS. I have a couple in my PhD thesis as well but again, I did them myself. Is there a GIS person who might be willing to give you a hand?

Otherwise copyright issues really apply to everything, including OS maps. At the very least you should request permission. Normally educational research is looked favourably on.


Hi Sim,
check if you have access to digimap through your institution http://edina.ac.uk/digimap/
if you do then you can legally use OS maps downloaded from this website provided you put the copyright statement in, which will be included as a text file when you download the map. you can get all kinds of OS maps at different scales so if you have access you should be able to find wht you need
Hope that helps


thanks guys, most helpful indeed! Happy :-)