Hi all,

Just thought I'd write a post, as I have been looking around this forum for a bit, but not actually joined.

Just about to start my PhD in a couple of weeks at UClan, not quite sure what to expect, but the support on here for each other seems wonderful, and I have read a lot of good advice which I hope to be able to give back to other newbies in a couple of years time.

Good luck to everyone else starting soon, close to finishing, or anywhere else in between.



Hi SevenfoldGirl, welcome to the forum :)

what department are you going to be doing your PhD in?


Hi Pink Numbers

I'm going to be in the Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences school. Will be something related to cancer/brain tumors I think.

What are you doing?


I'm just about finishing my PhD :)

They'll give you a whole week of induction for you to get settled in :)

If you are already in the area, the fresher's week (for undergrads) is on this week with fresher's fair happening tomorrow (I think...).

Are you going into halls?


Hi Sevenfoldgirl, welcome to this forum! Congratulations for securing a PhD position and all the very best with your work (up)


Thanks Cinderella, I'm sure I shall keep people updated as I have more questions.

Pink Numbers - I'm moving up to Preston 2 weeks today! Moving into a shared house hopefully as long as it doesn't fall through! I lived in halls during my Undergraduate degree, and now i'm that little bit older, i didn't fancy that environment again. Is there a good opportunity to meet other Phd students? I'm a bit nervous that as there won't be the lectures and tutorials present in a taught degree that it might be rather lonely and isolating?


yes, they will do induction stuff both within your school and across the campus so there will be lots of oppotunities to meet other PhD students. The graduate program also runs all year round, which is across campus, so opportunities aren't just restrained to the induction week.

I agree with you on accomodation! I really hope it works out for you :)

Have you already had the enrolement letters?


Yes, I received my official acceptance letter on Friday. Have to wait until Thursday before I can enrol online, but then I think that's everything. Apart from the expected nervousness about it all, I'm also very excited. I'm glad there's lots of chance to meet people, from my reading, it seems that getting to know lots of other people is very helpful.

Good luck with finishing your Phd, might see you at one of the graduate events.


Hey SevenfoldGirl! Welcome to the forum! I just finished my PhD but was on here the whole time, and it's a great place to get some support and of course to support others as well. I'm actually just starting a post-doc at a uni very close to yours (probably not very difficult to work out which one lol!), and am due to move there in a couple of weeks. From what I can see it looks like a really nice area, I'm quite excited about it :) Good luck with starting your PhD! KB