Help locating thread from a while ago... the person who failed their viva, had a battle, and won


Hi frequent people on this forum,

A friend of mine has just failed her PhD in law, having had no pre-warning that this might happen and being given no option of corrections or appealing. I seem to recall someone quite recently (maybe about 3-6 months ago!) posting on here about the ordeal they had been through after failing their PhD in quite shocking circumstances (expecting that they would pass) and appealing (although I'm not sure on what grounds) and eventually being awarded the PhD (finally success at the end - we all posted our congratulations - it was a mega long journey for the person though - a serious ordeal). Basically, I am now trying to find this thread so that I can forward the link to my friend to see if she can find it useful at all.

If anyone remembers the thread (or maybe the person who wrote it will read this!) or any key words from it then please let me know. I will continue trawling through...



So far I've been searching failed viva, ordeal, nightmare, journey... but no joy.

(Incidentally this came up, which I found quite amusing:

Whoever it was had posted extensively about their experience...

Any bells ringing?


If it helps, you haven't imagined it. I know the one you mean. I'll see if I can find it.


Hi, Tudor_Queen,

Are you referring to faded07's post ?


This is it! Thanks so much tru! : ) I don't know how you pulled that one off so quickly! I'll forward it to my friend. And thanks again, Faded, for sharing your experience with others.