Help me :' (


I really have extreme doubts with my supervision :' (

My supervisor never reads any of my work; never. This Wednesday, I would need to present my progress to transfer from my MPhil to the PhD and he hasn't even read any of the chapters : ( He emailed me yesterday stating that he wants to see me tomorrow regarding the proposal; he wants to do the commenting after I printed the proposal for him! What on earth!?

I have published a few journal articles; all written by me and I've included his name as well. He didn't even bother reading them at all!

I have failed to secure any grants because he left all the proposals the day before submissions, and I'm basically broke right now! I wanted to do some TAs before; he never even replied to those emails!

My proposal is in a bad shape and I have no idea if I could make it. If I can't pass the transfer this Wednesday, that's it for me :' (

Isn't it the job of the supervisor to read the work?


If the journal articles published are related to your proposal, then it should be safe.
Since some phd students don't even have any paper published at all.