Help with old journal paper access pls


I am trying to access the following journal paper but it is rather old (science terms!) so I cannot seem to access it. I wondered if anyone here can electronically access it before I resort to finding a paper copy (eek!)

Geiser, J. and Betticher, D.C. (1989) Gas transfer in isloated lungs perfused with red cell suspension or haemoglobin solution. Respiratory Physiology 77:31-40

Thank you.


I have the pdf of that paper, how do I send it to you?


I can get it :-) - I can email you the pdf if you want to pm your email id.

Any word from your errant third supv yet??


Jjdempsey - I am not sure how the PDFs can be sent when they often don't have a link to save or attach to email.  I would like to have advice on this myself!! I suspect some are read only/print formats.

Ady - I have still not heard from my third sup (external) re feedback but I did contact him end of last week to check he could access it.  I found out that he hasn't started on it yet so I sent him the latest version :-( Sup 2 (uni sup) is still reading and hoped to complete it this week but I guess he has other stuff on......:-(  I have proof read it now and made amends.......twiddling thumbs now.


Sent it to you now Dunni :-)

When I access a paper for somebody here, I just save the pdf to my desktop and email it to the person once I have their email id. I got that one via ScienceDirect. Actually I didn't think that I would be able to get it as when I initially logged on it said access was from 2002 onwards but it turned out that older papers were there!

You never know...!


Thank you Ady and Jjdempsey, the much needed paper is about to be read!! Ady - that is interesting about the dates as I was unable to get it due to its age!!!