hey everyonee..


i am doin my masters in material sciences nw..i am totally confused as to what i should do next..i dont hav any idea what phd is gona b like..can ny1 help me out?


Your MSc dissertation will give you an idea of what research in a PhD is like - there will likely be more dead ends, exhaustion and admin! Well worth it though.


First try to figure out if you want to spend 4-5 years doing a PhD. Find out if there are any research groups in your department whose work you (may) find interesting. Discuss with professors in your department. You may also be eligible to be a PhD student in other departments like Physics, Chemical Engineering, etc.


hey,thanks for responding.now,i would like to knw wat the procedures are for applying for phd's abroad.and does it always take 4 to 5 years?and..what sort of a stipend is the norm when it comes to phd's abroad?