Holidays - Ask or Demand?


How do you tell your supervisor that you want to go on holiday?

Do you ASK for time off?
or do you just SAY 'i'm taking next week off'?

I have a feeling that if I ask her for time off, she'll start talking me out of it as she has done for other courses, meetings etc.

Then again, I don't want to seem rude and complacent about my research.



I always informed my supervisor, 'I am on holiday from HERE to HERE' and that was that.

I'm interested how she tries to talk you out of it? surely you need to use this as an experience of how to say 'no'? perhaps a white lie 'No, it's a family members wedding / family holiday' etc.. something that you *can't* change....

I'd personally just say 'No, I'm having a holiday' but I appreciate it's not alwyas that easy...


She'd say something along the lines of 'i dont think its worth it' and 'there's way too much to be done in the lab' or 'its not the best time to go because we have this and this experiments running' etc

I've read some of your threads before PC.. you seem to be independent in what you're doing (/or were doing). Also, you seem to be quite authoritative! You do what you want when you want to do it! I wish I can do that same!!

Cheers for your reply.


Well, I told mine once that I'd booked a holiday prior to having permission. I swear to god I thought she was going to kill me. So now I ask. Humbly. And act in the most gracious manner when it has been granted. But its worth remembering that my supervisor is evil and a control freak.

Still, it never hurts just to ask politely. Even Evil Supervisor always says yes.



You are ENTITLED to take holidays!!! Can't believe she would try to talk you out of it... I just told mine that I am away from DateX to DateY and that was that. Like PC_Geek said, come up a white lie if you have to but don't let yourself be talked out of it!


i usually say i will be off and my sup calls me lazy or mumbles something i cant write! he really does seem to think that in 3 years you should have zero holidays at all. he even begrudged me having 3 days off at xmas. i did once point out to him that if i was an international student there seems to be no issue of them having 2/3 weeks off in our lab to go home. even though technically within the uk it takes me 8 hrs to get home. where is the logic there!?