how annoying grrrrrrrrrr


I spent the last hour typing up my abstract in an online submission form for a conference. I pressed the add button and it lost it so now I have to start all over again. I'm soooooo fed up. just thought I would share that.


Something similar happened to me recently. I was busy typing away and saving as I went along, when suddenly afet I pressed 'save'an error type message appeared saying that an unknown encryption had been encountered and word couldn't save the document. The whole thing disappeared and when I tried to load the file again it had all gone, all that was left was a few of those little squares you get it wasn't just the bit I had added, it was the whole lot! It was really lucky that I had the thing saved in serveral different places as I had been working on it for nearly a week, I only lost about a page or so, but you know how it is, that page had all the great thoughts on it, and written so succinctly too, such things can never be recaptured can they?


I know what you mean. Happened to me a few times until I decided every time I have to do and save on MS Word then copy & paste.