How bad could it be not sending a follow-up email after interview?!


Dear all,

Nearly two weeks ago I attended an interview for a postdoc position. It was not successful at the end. In retrospect, I indeed did not answer some questions well and there had been things that I should have mentioned therein. But at the moment I thought perhaps among those worst aspects of my performance was that I failed to send an appreciation email as to follow up the interview immediately after being informed of the result. If the panel had already decide to exclude me because of my working competence during the interview, this mistake could matter less; in that case, after all, they would not think of having me in their faculty. But what if they thought I did have potential but just another candidate was more suitable for the specific position? Will this affect their future decision in my future job application in their group?

I'd appreciate your replies, thoughts and suggestions!




I really don't think sending a follow up email will have made the slightest bit of difference. I seriously doubt the academics will remember which people sent an email and which didn't. I expect it would just have clogged up their inbox anyway...

Don't despair at not getting the position. You sound like you have learnt from this experience so take that forward with you to your next interview :)