How long does it take for response after postdoc interview.


Hi, I am currently in my last year of PhD, and I interviewed in 2 places. My first interview is 3 weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything back. My second interview is 2 weeks ago, and I already got an offer from it. Since the first interview is my top choice, so I am still playing the waiting game right now. just to mention that my PI's recommendation letter was a little late, it got sent out around 10 days ago. Now as time passing by, I am getting more and more frustrated. What's any of your experience? is it normal to wait this long? or I am kind of getting a silence "No" here.
Any input will be really appreciated.


Well done with getting the interviews and the job offer. In my experience processes are quite slow! AFtre my interview for a full time research position I was promised feedback after 1 week, when I hadn't heard after 2 weeks I chased the HR department, who were very nice about it. I then got a phone call and job offer the same night! Follow up with the HR department and just say that you are keen to get an understanding of the process and get feedback on your interview. Good luck.