How long your supervisor took to give you feedback?


Hi there,

This is my first thread in here. I was looking for a forum so I can communicate to PhD students.

I submitted my 1st complete draft around three months ago to my supervisor, till now I received feedback on the first two chapters only. When I ask her about the other chapters she keep asking me not to disturb her. I asked to meet her several times, but she does not want to meet and she keep repeating the same statement "don't push me"

What do you think guys, am I pushing her, is it normal, what about you, how long your supervisors usually take to give the feedback for the 1st draft?



Hey Mick! I think it will depend on whether she has already seen the chapters or whether she is looking at them for the first time. One of my supervisors is very quick to give feedback on a single chapter/paper (usually about 1-5 days, very rarely over 10 days) whereas my other sup would need at least 1 month to comment on one chapter (hence I don't give him things- I mainly rely on my primary sup). So it depends upon the individual sup and how many drafts of each chapter they have already seen. When is your deadline? Are you waiting on feedback from more than one sup? Best, KB


There is no actual deadline, back in March when I submitted to her, she said she needs a month, at the end of that month I emailed to ask about the feedback, she asked me what is the name of the chapters, I knew she did not read them so I attached them to her again. I waited and there was no reply again, then out of the sudden she told me that she will give me the whole feedback and I needed to submit on 22nd of May. Again I did not receive the feedback and she asked me to extend to late June, I was fine, but I need the feedback. She told me not to push her and if I do not submit in June will be July. As you can see what I get is promises but not feedback. I am stressed up, it is almost three months and I received the feedback for Introduction and the Lit. Review only.


It took 18 months for me to get feedback on my literature review and even then I only got a couple of comments and wouldn't be convinced it was read in full.


18 months!!!??

I cant even imagine that


Yes, seriously. Feedback on other work has been much quicker but has also taken months rather than weeks to receive.


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So what is your advice?, what shall I do?


Go to a second or external supervisor if you have one as it sounds like that she does not work to a timetable and will give feedback when she wants to! My supervisor kept promising me feedback but hardly gave any back so I wouldn't rely entirely on your supervisor!