How much on your computer is important


Reading a recent post by Mat about backing up computer data got me wondering just how much data on out computers we could not do without. Ie if we had to start on a new computer how big would the files be that we could not replace.

For me my folder labelled research is 2.7GB. This does not include any software like Endnote or SPSS but does have all the data and my PDF library. This is a good size as it still fits onto a DVD for backup. How about anyone else - how big is your vital data folder?


At the moment I'm on 15.2GB. That includes PDFs and a lot of scanned in/photographed archive stuff that I need.


Mine is only wee at the moment - on 203.2MB but I've only just started eight weeks ago! All my annotated bibliography stuff is in Zotero though, so that's a fairly significant amount of stuff.