How procrastination can help fight world hunger


Yes, really, and apologies for sounding a bit flippant about world hunger, it is an issue I take seriously and do care about resolving.

Check out

Its a vocabulary "quiz" and for each right answer you get, so much rice is donated. Apparently the cost of the rice is paid for by the advertising on the site ( this is all explained on the site). You also get the added benefit of improving your vocabulary--these are not easy words. It says most people do not get above a level 50, but it goes up to level 60. I think I have got to a level 46 or 48 on some day I was feeling particularly bright!

Check it out!


I had a look at this site and it's fun. You are right about the difficult words though! I got up to 46 and lots of rice was donated so I feel suitably charitable and educated now.


I got 44, but most of the words came up 2 or 3 times


If you get one wrong then it comes up again so you can have another go.


do not go near this site! i was addicted to it for months... the amount of strange words i know now is amazing... must find a use for a few in my thesis and stun my supervisors


I didn't realise I knew so many words. Though my memory is awful for the words I get wrong so much score keeps going down! Addictive. I must delete the link from my favourites. Now.

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Just wasted about an hour!!! I new my PhD would useful to someone! I wonder if usfulness of procrastnation activities will count in an AHRC application...


Well there goes any hope of starting that paper ... although it may help with getting a more punctilious quality with the relict of the paper. olivia - you maybe wrong - this is the antipode of procastination and I will use this website with increased ebullience and vim in the future.