How to find interviewees willing to interview?


Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has any problems finding interviewees to include in their thesis? How do you go about finding people to interview? And do you often pay for these interviews? Any advice would be great appreciated!


Surely how you go about finding people very much depends on who you want to interview and about what?

For example, I'm interested in talking to horse owners - I'm actually doing a mixed methods study and will be recruiting from my questionnaire, but assuming I wasn't and I just wanted to do interviews, I would probably put adverts on social media and in equine magazines.

If I wanted something specific, say for example I was interested in talking to breeders, I'd research breed registers and see if I could get the advert sent either directly to their mailing lists, or again up on their websites, or sharing to specialists facebook pages etc.

Perhaps if you give us a bit more detail about the problems you're having?


Hi, thank you very much for your reply. I am doing demographic research of population flow and looking for Korean students living in Japan (very specific!). I was wondering if you, or anyone, knew of an effective way to contact internationally located interviewees. You're right though, maybe social media is the right way. I have never used Facebook / linkedIn to reach participants before, have you ever used this method? Thank you again!