How to Handle Disagreement with Direction of Manuscript


Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

I am actually not a PhD student but a medical resident... but I feel that the awesome people on this forum could shed some light on my situation. I am writing a review paper with a senior resident (I'm a junior resident) and staff. I wrote the whole thing, sent it to the senior for editing, and she has cut out 50%+ of the manuscript.

I am willing to shorten the paper, but feel that this is a bit excessive. Unfortunately the senior is unwilling to meet me halfway... I disagree with the present state of the paper (I don't think it makes much sense now) to the point that I do not feel comfortable being the first author and being accountable for its current content.

My staff is extremely nice but to be honest I'm not even sure if she has read the paper or not.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


I have recently attended a ' how to write a paper' course. The guy adviced as to target for a specific journal. Then analyse 5 or 6 published papers. I had never noticed, but all of them had the same number of words in the title, the same structure and similar amount of words in each section. Agree with your senior where you are publishing and stick to the journal's template.

Good luck ! :)


It's always a pain to see someone do a hatchet job on your hard work. However, in most cases this is for a good reason - my advice would be: "listen to their experience; politely enquire why this needs to be removed - state your case for keeping it; keep an objective head"