How to improve academic writing?


*Looking at the stars and the moon... wondering how I'm going to improve my academic writing skills* : [

Anyone can give me some advice? My peers said that my writing is good but it needs some scientific/academic twist in it. How do I do that? : /


Does your uni have a PG training programme or resources? We get sessions on academic writing with externals who come in and share their expertise.

I've found the book by Dunleavy great - Authoring a PhD, your uni library should have it.


I can pass the advice, someone gave me years ago: "Reading, reading, reading... and even more reading." Figure out, how others in your research area pharaphrase their sentences, how they argument, how they hide weak results.

I second the advice to look for a writing seminar or two, but in the longterm, you will only improve by constant reading the work of others. I started my writing career with "Writing scientific english" by Tim Skern. It's a small workbook, pointing out the basics for non-native english speakers and it helped me a lot. However, I think it will only help non-native speakers a lot.