I did it! Successful viva.


I finally had my viva yesterday and I was so nervous. It was a weird numb feeling as if I was going to the gallows!
But it went better than I could ever have hoped. It only lasted an hour and twenty minutes. My external examiner was absolutely lovely and was so complimentary about my work and encouraged me to publish as soon as possible.
I loved that she kept saying everything I had done gave the thesis 'PhDness'.
It was also a relief to be told that it was a pass before they started the discussions which put me at my ease.
Obviously, I've got some minor corrections but I was expecting major.
Thank you to everyone on this forum for helping me get through the whole PhD process with your advice, support and encouragement.
If I can do it then there is hope for everyone.
I celebrated yesterday with copious amounts of champagne, a chinese banquet and a night in a swanky hotel. and this morning I woke up and it wasn't a dream.


Congratulations xxx

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That's wonderful news! Congratulations Pam xxx


Congratulations! Really pleased for you.


Woohoo Dr. Pam, after such a long wait it must be such a relief. Many congratulations, brill news

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Oh congratulations, that's wonderful! You must be floating around today...


Congratulations Doctor Pamw, xxx

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Huge congratulations Pam xx


well done!!! :)


Brilliant news Pam! Well done.

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Congratulations Pam-well done. Hope you had a great breakfast once you woke and found it wasn't just a dream...


Congratulations, Dr Pam! Sounds like you had a fab celebration :)


Whooooow! Congrats! I love to read your story :)


Congratulations, Dr. Pam! Well done! The funny thing is that a couple of months from now you may start toying with the idea of going for yet another "mad" endeavour such as climbing the Mount Everest. Just give it some time... :]

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Congratulations Dr. Pamw :-)