I did it!!!! yipeeeeee (My Phd Viva story)


Many congratulations Lara :-)

I've only just joined the forum so haven't had the pleasure of knowing you but I have to echo everyone else by saying you are a true inspiration. I start my PhD next week and will soon be delving deep into the worls of isolation and despair. lol.

Good luck for the future, you deserve it (up)


That's really fantastic well done Dr. Lara!! I can't imagine what it feels like, it must be amazing 8-)


Im so so sooooo chuffed for you. Your message just gave me the boost I needed! I submit in 2 weeks (less prolly) and I have been fannying about so thank you. Im soooo pleased for you, I cant imagine that ever being me but you must be so utterly delighted and thrilled all that hard work worth every single second of it!!


Big congratulations to Dr Lara, it's really motivating and inspirational to read your story.


Hi Lara - I know I haven't spoken to you before but congratulations, your viva really does sound like an amazing experience and it sounds like the examiners thought very highly of you - well done!!! I hope that my viva (if I eventually get to that stage) is as good; reading your story is so inspirational because I doubt myself all the time and at the moment I'm starting to think about applying for PhDs and finding that difficult enough (just started MSc)...hopefully I'll get there. What are your plans now (apart from a holiday!)? Natassia xx


WOW! what a happy ending:-)
Congratulations Lara, even though I haven't followed your journey to this much, I certainly remember how much effort you put into your work. Most of all Thank you for being so kind and generous enough to put tips and guides to what you did for viva prep. It will certainly help lot of people. I really feel more encouraged after reading abt your big news.

Hope you have a great career in future(up)


Fabulous. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Best wishes for postPhD life!!! :) (up)


Yes, well done Lara!! Well deserved and absolutely well done!!(up) You're an inspiration! Now, go and have a party, then have a holiday, then party some more! And when you can and you've had time to reflect, maybe post some tips for the rest of us who are struggling?


Well done Lara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minor corrections too!!!!!!!! You are obviously a genius!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us long-term readers of the forum will know the struggles you have been through in the past year or so. I even remember your first post was called something like "I'm going to fail my PhD" LOL. This is proof that we can all bounce back from the solitude and self-doubt that is the dark side of research and by sticking with it we can triumph.

You're an absolute inspiration, Lara!


Congrats Dr. Lara8-)


Dr Lara, very, very well done. All that hard work paid off in the end.


Congratulations Lara and thanks for posting such a detailed description of what the viva was like - I'm waiting for mine at the moment and it is reassuring to hear about such a 'normal' experience. Best of luck for the future!


Lara your post brought a lump to my throat...needless to say, well done and I hope the rest of your career brings much happiness


Congrats! :) What are your plans now?


Congratulations Lara. I don't usually comment but I kept an eye on your posts coming up to submission and viva and you have been absolutely inspirational - thank you.