I did it!!!! yipeeeeee (My Phd Viva story)


Congrats Dr Lara!

I am 6 months into my PhD. While it is getting easier, I am still far from confident about the direction and eventual success of my PhD.
It is great to read your story of success. Gives me inspiration to keep pushing on.



Congratulations Dr Lara you are an inspiration to us newbie’s. :-)


Well done Dr Lara (up) Excellent news. Now you can have a good rest and enjoy being a clever clogs :-)


Well done Lara on getting the PhD...Now you can have a wee relaxation and let it sink in


Well done Lara. this sounds so inspirational, i can tell you that for sure.


Wow I am blown away by all of you!! I haven’t been online since last week, been resting and relaxing. Thank you so much for the warm messages, it really means so much to me. Each and every single message, I will cherish forever! Infact, i will print them out and keep it! Thank you! You all are so wonderful, warm hearted and generous.

A HUGE thank you to all of you, especially to:

Smilodon, missspacey, Danzig, eska, nhr115, emmie, liminalplace, bulbs, Natassia, Sheena, chrisrolinski, Sue2604, Ogriv, MH, walminskipeas, heifer, Keep_Calm, guitarman, Fig, bluejogger, Stephen, sarahk5275, JanineG and tsipat.

I'd like to dedicate my PhD to every underdog out there, every PhD student, that ever doubted themselves, or were told they couldn't get it done. This is for you guys especially!!!

I’m sorry i cant respond to each message individually, but I will do when I get free. As right now am abit pressed for time, as I have to start work on minor corrections (according to the examiner he says it should take no longer than a day, but i reckon will take me abit more than that, as there are about 61 typing errors and errors of sense, and i have to add 2 paragraphs to my introduction). I hope i dont run into any problems as I cant even remember how I did any of TOC or making a pdf, and now i'm using microsoft 2007! lol

Each message put a big smile on my face! And the much needed boost to get my head down and finish this thesis once and for all!

Also i will be sticking around this forum even after I finally submit and I'm done and dusted with my PhD. I know alot of people leave the forum once they are done. But if its okay, I would love to stick around as I would love to help out in any way i can for those students, who are just starting out, or writing their thesis, or preparing their viva. If anyone wants to contact me personally, feel free to pm me and if I can help in anyway I will be happy to do so. :-)

And when I am done with my thesis I will create a seperate thread, listing the viva questions I used to study from and other tips and pointers :-)