I did not know that it is this lonely


Hi Community,

When I started my Ph.D. in August 2019, I was super excited (I still am). But, little did I know that it is this lonely. It really gets lonely when you start getting into the weeds of theoretical background and literature review. I am here to find encouragement and emotional support (but to offer it too). I specialize in business communications focusing on accommodation behaviors in business communications and the application of constructivism in business communication. My thesis topic is: "Audience Perception on the Effectiveness of a Speaker in a Business Presentation."

I am happy to be here.



I agree, PhDs are very different than taught courses as you have no specific cohort, and everyone is doing very different things. COVID has only made PhD isolation worse, as this means that PhD students aren't necessarily in the city where their university is based either.

I make sure to touch base with other PhD students and my non-PhD friends at least twice a week (if not once a day), otherwise I get stuck in my own head.

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Hi Christian and PhoenixFortune!! Hi everyone else on here!!!

When I went for my interview for my PhD, there was so much positivity around the 'post-grad life' experience and how I will get to meet so many people and be a part of a great community of researchers. Then COVID hit!!! And now like you and most PhD students, I am isolated in my office (the front hall) and don't see anyone from one day to the next!
That is why I am really glad to have found this platform, it is really helpful to know that none of us are really on our own :) And I have read loads of threads on here and can relate to so many it makes me feel a little less alone on this journey. The effort so many people put into trying to help one another on here is amazing! I feel like it's a really positive place and no question is too big or small!

Thanks, Everyone!!!