I didn't get the job - WAAH!!!!


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So, I didn't get my dream job at a great uni. Unfortunately for me, my research is in a social justice area which I, and academics care about, but no-one else does. There are just no jobs in my area. I've been looking for 2 years, and this was the only job I've ever seen that I could apply for. I was interviewed, but lost to someone with more research experience.

I'm submitting my thesis in 4 weeks, and I just wonder what it's all been for. I've forsaken promotions, job opportunities, relationships, mental health, it's cost me a fortune, and it's all for nothing. I also live in a horrible town which I loathe, work a job in the civil service which I hate beyond belief, and now looks like I'm doomed to stay here...

I tell ya, don't do a PhD. Or if you do, make sure it's in an area where there's work. I wish I'd never started it.

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sorry to hear it Sue. I feel like I'm in a similar situation, having not gotten the last two jobs I've gone for, losing out to more experienced people. I'm just hoping that once its complete and I am Dr. Sneaks, and I have a few publications, things will look up and I'll be the one with more experience. Hopefully.

Have you thought about coming to england, not so many freaky spiders here ;-)


Honestly, the things they want for the money they're offering! I have 5 publications, presented at 12 conferences, have won academic awards, am a subject matter expert in their area, and that still wasn't enough.

Would love to come to the UK, but think I'd have even less chance of beating out a local!


Oh that's such a shame but don't give up hope! Something will come along, it just takes time :-(

As for the 'local' thing in the UK.... it doesn't work that way - infact most people will tell you that here the more local you are the less chance you stand!

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yep Stressed is right there, recent hires in my department have been from europe, I have a sneaky suspician that if I put on a foreign accent I may come across more intelligent and therefore get a job (?).

Either that or they've already got someone lined up for the role.


Dear Sue,

I am sorry that you did not get the job. You must be very disappointed, which comes forward very clearly from your posting.

What can I say? Perhaps just that from the postings you come a across as a very dedicated skillful researcher with good social skills, traits which one can be proud of. I know that does not really help you now, but perhaps in the future when you apply for another academic or non academic job. Even so, as said, I feel for you, as you are so disappointed.


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Hi Sue,

Big massive hugs and love coming over the oceans to you (might take a wee while!) >>>

I am so sorry, but please don't be disheartened, look at all the experience you have
"5 publications, presented at 12 conferences, have won academic awards, am a subject matter expert in their area" I wish I had anywhere near that experience!! I think alot of employers want to see the PhD finished, so i'm sure once you are Dr Sue, there will be no stopping you!

Its horrid, as I know as you say not many jobs come up in this area, but maybe once you're done you could start looking abit further afield?

Also, I know when you went for interview,although you thought it didn't go well, you said that returning to your home city wasn't so great, and reminded you of some of reasons you left, and your partner was not keen on going there either. I know its heart breaking, but maybe it wasn't for you, and something better will come along that is great in every aspect. Just hold on to these positive thoughts to get you through the final 4 weeks to submission, and then you can start thinking about jobs again. I guess in this economic climate at least having a job (even that you don't like), is something to be thankful for! I know I sometimes get so fed up of my job (even though I chose to leave academia for it), and despise having worked so hard for 4 years for a wage that equals my phd bursary!
But then I know some friends who don't have a job at all and can't find anything, and I should be thankful that I have something.

I know none of that will make you feel better, and I'm so sorry you're so upset, but just think of all the things you thought about when you came back from interview. Something better that you deserve even more WILL come along, just hold tight and get through to submission.

a couple more big hugs....AL xx


Thanks for your support everyone, you're all fab. I'm a little better today, have picked myself up and am plodding along working again. Yes, I just have to get this thing done, then think about the future and start serious job searching, and broaden maybe.

And you're so wise AL, I did have concerns about living in that city, so, maybe something else will come up. I'm waiting to hear about another job I went for in a fabulous city, but not in academia. So, let's see what life has to offer next.


So sorry to hear that Sue. But your CV sounds brilliant and like others I think other things will come your way! I like the idea of broadening as well. The job that I got is in a different area to my PhD. I met and talked to a few post docs in this new department that I'm in, and they all did their PhDs on different topics than the ones they are currently working on. I guess we all managed to convince the interviewers that although we aren't expert in the particular area we have what it takes to become one.

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much about jobs for now as it may affect your motivation/mood in getting the thesis finished and you don't need that.

Best of luck with thesis and with future job-hunting!

Monty x

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Hi Sue, so sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I can only re-iterate what the others have said: see if you can diversify, and keep going, you've done so much to be proud of and it has to pay off at some point, however niche your current area. Sending virtual hugs (((())))) x