I have a job interview...


I thought I would announce this here since you all understand the huge excitement of this! I am so so shocked I got shortlisted. It's for a government research job and if I got it, it would solve all my problems about having a to leave the country before the viva! They know I am not a permanent resident but they still shortlisted me which I am thinking is a good sign. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I am pretty excited.

One silly thing I am worrying about it what to wear. What sort of clothes should I wear to a job interview? It's been so long! :$


Excellent news, slowmo! Wishing you all the best. Dress comfortably but dress smart. Others on here better placed to advise I would think.


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Re: what to wear - are you male or female?

My inclination would be that if it's a govt job then smarter than if it were an academic job. I'd guess smarter end although maybe not completely formal (e.g. shirt and jacket but maybe tie optional; for females smartish top and a jacket). But I haven't had any interviews at the post doc level so hopefully people who have will come along soon and advise.

Congrats on getting this far and good luck for the interview :)


You must be over the moon! Well done! Tip - the other candidates will be smart smart, not smart casual, as it's a gov job. Remember to take deep breaths between now and the interview! All the very best!


Hey Slowmo, congrats! I think getting to interview is half the battle. I've got a second interview at a UK university this week so fingers crossed for both of us! Personally I don't wear a suit- I'm in clinical psychology/mental health and I try to go for a 'smart but approachable' image. But for a government job I definitely think the smart side of smart is a good plan! Loads of luck! KB

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my hubby works in government. For his interview I made him wear a full suit and tie, he only wears an open shirt and suit trousers to work as they're quite casual- actually he is, the rest of his team all wear ties, and also put on a jacket occassionally, he didn't even wear a tie to his promotion board, but it got commented on, much to his amusement, but I think its best to present yourself in the smartest way possible for an interview because it shows you've made an effort.