I hope in a positive answer


Yesterday I was checking all the general information about finding and obtaining a phd in uk, and I found out that for a foreign student overseas ( I am albanian) you should have a Toefl score of at least 580 while my scores are 233 which is computer-based but converted in Internet-based test is 577 WILL THAT BE A PROBLEM ? I WAS REALLY UPSET when I realised this fact because currently I am an intern in an American University and I work as a student coordinator and house coordinator as well, my english is improving day by day. What shoul i do?:$


Hi Alisadixan

There is a reason why UK universities insist on an English language criteria as PhDs are not easy, and have to be written entirely in good English. Clearly you are very close to meeting the language criteria, so my advice would be quite simple, try again in a few months and you should be just fine. You say your English is improving day by day, so you should pass the test easily in a few months. I can see this being a problem if there are time limits being imposed by something eg contracts or visas and stuff, but really I would say just keep trying.