I just got a message form a thesis writing website: is it just me?

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Hi all has anyone else had one of these messages this morning? It's a link, along with a sentence saying they offer a 'guaranteed pass'.

Why are they sending it to me... ?


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I got one too mate! Well seeing as I have approximately 12 words of my thesis left to write I thought it looked like a valuable offer ;) KB

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Why not go for it? Am v. glad they didn't single me out as a likely customer...

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yep - I've had one too. If they can get round my "word has decided to stop working" message then I would probably pay them a lot of money


Oh I feel neglected as I haven't had one :p Mind you the financial cost is probably nothing compared to the emotional turmoil of writing my thesis, so I guess there is some advantage to buying your PhD lol. However, I would never have the satisfaction that it is all my work and the big feeling of personal acheivement. Now I have written mine up I would have to say that I could never do that as a career........would drive me crazy (oh and I have morals ! :p)


hey, yep I have had one... deleted straight away!!(down)


Was this an email, or a message through the forum?


The message has been PM-ed to various members of the forum (through the forum's own PM system). KB

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Hi - Can somebody please forward us the message

Thanks - pgf team


I didn't get one :-( does this mean I have to do it all myself...like you are supposed to?


Pure spam, spam spam (not) wonderful spam. Bin it x

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Thanks to strawberrygirl for forwarding on her PM. We've banned the user concerned, but please let us know if you get any more messages like this.