I'm poor and cold

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Catalin, I know! For about two weeks when I was re-drafting my chapter my living room was half decorated and even though I spent copious rest time squashed into the sofa between piled up furniture, I didn't touch the painting once, or do any housework. I'm just catching up now. It's as if PhD work is 24/,7 even if I don't realise it. During writing periods I seem to either work or recover from work, and that's it.

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well I did feel a lot warmer after my second dog walk - I even thought the heating had come on. Not sure what it will be like when its howling wind and rain, and I come in soaked through and muddy, but hey ho.

My big news this week is......I have a treadmill arriving tomorrow! My spinal consultant has agreed that jogging will be ok, and the last one who told me it wouldn't is a complete moron. I'm inclined to believe the latest one as he's quite dishy, whereas the last (evil) one was really old and quite strange. I think the new one looks a bit like kate beckinsale's dad - the young one from porridge, only with a better haircut.

Anyway, i digress, it shall be warm if I run, then work :-)