I passed my viva :)


wow!! well done! sounded quite intense but you did very well!!

Was there a point where you couldn't simply answer the question? I am actually quite worry about this part [when I get nervous, I forgot everything and I can't talk :-S ].

I too have found many typos and errors on my script, quite worry about those as well :-S

I assume you didn't hand out your "error" in advance? I saw some people do that....

All in all, well done!!!


So nice to read your viva story- thanks for posting and congratulations!!:p


Aaaw congratulations, that's great news, enjoy the celebrations Dr! :-)


Well done. Great news.



That is a fantastic viva story - well not that you were nervous, shaking etc. But as I read it I was excited for you and it gave me confidence for mine (when I get a date for it). The champagne from your supervisor and your family waiting were all lovely as well. So even though it sounds mega stressful in some ways it sounds like a perfect viva. Well done again.


Well done on passing your Viva, that must feel so good!


Thank you everyone.

Human, my supervisor said I shouldn't hand out my errors, that they would know I had found them and they probably would not bother to mention small typos and errors and will have prepared their own lists. Which they had. I did not know one question and I said I didn't, the examiner then clarified what he meant and I could sort of answer it but it was not really what he was looking for I think. Later, he mentioned it again and just said that I would need to clarify that part again, in my corrections. It did rattle me, it was at that point I thought I would not get through. The important part is that you have conducted sound research and they know you are nervous. I was terribly so and it was visible.



Great story, Doc! My knees were shaking as I read (LOL).

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Thank you for this Pink Neuron! Your story has really cheered me up on a grey morning x