I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Massive congratulations Pineapple and Sozaboy!! :)


Congrats - hope you are both celebrating! Has it sunk in yet? (up)


Great news Congratulations!!! What a fantastic achievement for both Pineapple and Sozaboy.


YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! :) So pleased for you!! I'm not on here that often, but have been following your threads and been sooooo impressed by the way you have managed to pull yourself through this after all the waiting, cancelled viva, lack of support and negativity you had from your sups!! You have really deserved it :) Congratulations Dr Pineapple :)


absolutely fantastic news Pineapple!! I've not been on much and it's great to finally hear your viva is over and you're passed, like we all knew you would! Good luck with the corrections, get them over with asap and then you're free! :-):-)



Congratulations! You made it! Dr. ;)



I'm so happy 4 u :-)

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Now they want 5 or 6 journal publications, which means the work you've produced is of a better standard than you thought.

That says all you need to know. Well done!!!


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Just wanted to thank everyone for such lovely posts! :) This hasn't sunk in yet and it doesn't feel real. I feel exhausted more than anything, but very pleased! I'm assuming a resubmission is a pass?!?! (sorry, starting to question whether I've passed now! )

As soon as I walked into my viva , they said their recommending a resubmission for a PhD- my dream outcome considering my overly long thesis. I was totally convinced I failed. I spent the entire viva thinking WHAT?! is this really happening to me, consequently not able to process much of their recomendations!!! My examiners were very very positive and they looked at me very strangely when I said I thought I failed. They said I've got an extremely extensive PhD and I should be proud of putting in so much work into one PhD thesis. They also said they enjoyed reading my PhD thesis and that I should seriously considering most of it for publication, including content that I need to exclude to keep to the 100,000 word limit.

Now, I'm feeling confused. I'm having to process extremely positive feedback. I was in bits before the viva- lots of tears, shaking and drawing a complete blank on my thesis results!

My viva was basically a semi-formal chat on suggestions of how to improve my thesis, my views on some concepts and personal reflections during the PhD process.

Also, I wasn't expecting some reactions from some people after the viva. Researchers with PhDs were extremely happy for me, but there seemed to be some strange reactions from PhD students who started the same time as me but are still working on their thesis and others in their first or second year and friendswho dropped out of uni. I'm probably being overly sensitive, but I wasn't expecting odd reactions to my viva result. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I'm pleased I got through the viva in one piece. If I can do this, anyone can-seriously!



A resubmission isn't a pass I'm afraid. It's a second chance. You are given usually up to a year to fix problems, then resubmit, and try again.


Three students in my department got resubmissions around the same time as each other. Two have since successfully resubmitted and passed. And they're now post-docs. I'm not sure what the third is doing - seems to have been getting extension after extension.

You should have been told if you need to go through another viva. Commonly this would be the case with a resubmission. And you should be given (sometimes several weeks after the viva) a list of the issues you need to correct.

It's not guaranteed that you will pass if you do these. But do them to the best of your ability, defend yourself well in the second viva if you have one, and you will have a very good chance.

But it's the result you hoped for, so be very very happy!


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Hi Bilbo.

Ok, I feel like a fool now :( and my heart sank when I read your post! (I wanted to delete the 'I passed' bit from this post title!).

I gather this resubmission is sort of a deferred pass, depending on their assessment of the resubmitted PhD. Apologies- looks as if I've misled everyone here! :$

I can see what your saying. I haven't passed in the sense of pass with minors or pass with no corrections, but for me, this is a pass as I was not failed outright or failed with an MPhil. I don't have to sit a second viva so at least that's something.

Thanks for letting me know though :) I'm going to hide away in a corner somewhere (feeling embarrassed!) lol

I managed to achieve my resubmission goal which is what I wanted. Following from such lovely positive feedback from my viva examiners, I'm fired up to finish this resubmission asap and focus on disseminating my work.

I have to remember it could have been an MPhil or an outright fail. I have to be grateful that their giving me a second chance for a PhD


Hey, mate! If you have a resubmission is that going to involve a new viva? That's the question you have ask. If not, it's the same as major corrections, and no big deal!


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Hi Beejay :) Well I asked them if I had to sit through a second viva and they said no. They just want me to reduce the thesis and add a few minor things. No additional data collection or analyses.


No probs, then!