I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not having a second viva is brilliant. It's still not a pass, because they haven't guaranteed to give you a PhD if you do the changes, so it's very different from either a pass with minor corrections, or a pass with major revisions. The changes required in your case are too substantial for them to do that. Nor is it a fail, which is brilliant. But if you do the changes you should be ok.

Pay very careful attention to the list of changes/issues you will be sent. Follow them to the letter. Did you take notes about their suggestions re changes in the viva? If not write down as much as you can remember ASAP. I had my notepad out in my viva, and was scribbling, though I just had typo corrections to fix.


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Hi Bilbo- helpful as ever :)

Yes I scribbled some notes during the viva and after the viva I quickly sent a list of the main issues that were discussed to my supervisors. Most of the issues were about replacing terminologies, adding a few small sections to my methods and discussion chapters, renaming my chapter titles and cutting my thesis by about a third. They said I've added far too much detail in parts but they've recommended I either move some of the detail as an appendix in the case of context and historical tables or remove some extra detail and write up as a journal paper or book chapter. My corrections are mainly about 'sharpening' my writing style and keeping things concise, but nothing substantial such as more data collection, analyses or adding more tables. 

My examiners said they will be sending out a very detailed report and list of all the corrections they want me to work through. I also have my very detailed list of pre-viva corrections- ie typos, spelling mistakes etc (with page numbers and proposed corrected form presented in tables) and updates on my literature review chapters which I'm hoping will help with my resubmission.

I really feel fired up for this thesis!! Both my examiners were extremely positive about my work and follow up publications from my thesis. For the first time ever, I'm feeling very confident about my PhD and ready to really nail it this time round. All I really needed was a specialist in my field to tell me that I'm on the right track and my work has some value to it. I understand that a fail may still be a possibility post resubmission, but they were very clear that an MPhil or an outright fail was just not an option in my case given the complexities and detail contained within my thesis result chapters, so I guess this is something to be proud of ;-) I'm not taking any chances though. I intend to follow their corrections very very closely.

All in all, my viva has given me a new sense of confidence and self belief as I haven't failed with an MPhil or an outright fail, even with my current thesis draft containing loads of errors and too many words. I've also demonstrated that I can succeed and get through a PhD viva, ok maybe not with a pass PhD, but a successful nevertheless in avoiding a second viva, an MPhil or outright fail.

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Hey Pineapple that's brilliant news! Maybe it isn't strictly speaking a pass quite yet, but given the scenarios you had in mind before this viva you're in a great position now. And it sounds like you're fired up so that extra energy should help boost you through the rest of the process too. That's great - you're one massive step closer to achieving the PhD - fantastic news.