I see loony season is open us once again...


I think ogling the undergrads is one of the perks of academia!


I guess seeing the freshers all excited and happy is a nice thing. Even if it does make me wonder where the past seven years just went! :$

Heh. I remember my parents driving me 300 miles to university and spending half an hour unpacking the car - then off. Heh. No hand-holding or teary last goodbye. ;-) I've seen many overprotective parents this week taking their kids through every concievable registration step. Goodness - leave them alone!


being a single PhD does make me feel lonely sometimes.. that's probably why I miss my time as a (master) student in a big class. luckily I like my work.


It hasn't hit us yet, but I'll soon know because I won't be able to find a space for my bike, and it'll take me twenty minutes at lunch time to just get out of the building!

The one thing I laugh about most is at the start of Freshers' Week they're all over dressed and trying to be cool and hip, and by the end of the week they're all in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies with 'St. Barnabas School Leavers 08' or something...


My daughter works at the uni, and had to be there to welcome the newcomers, she said some of them were really rude, once she had just spoken to security to let a blue badge holder through, only to asked by another person why their car hadn't been let through when they were unloading - they said they also had a blue badge and were really cross, she asked had they told anyone , no, they said. So how was anyone to know then???? Some had left their identity documents in the car and were miffed when they were asked to go back and get them, so what did they think they were for then? Me, I know I will never find anywhere to park if I have to come up to uni during the day - and if I do find somewhere I will never be able to get out because the students do not seem to understand you need room to turn. Oh well, how long until the next break?


Well, remember universities are largely about students in the end. If they drive you that nuts, you could always go and work for Glaxo;-).

I've seen the overprotective parents though. My experience was like yours, Chrisrolinksi: dropped off and buggered off! Which is the best way for a Northern family. My supervisor had had parents request school-style reports for their "children". Answer: no, on account of confidentiality laws.


"I know I'm stereotyping, but every one of those Italian girls has Nigella Lawson hair and looks better in skinny jeans than I do"

Juno - think yourself lucky. I live in Italy and I feel the same about practically everyone else - including all the mums at my son's school. Yes, I am the only bleary-eyed mum to turn up with weetabix on my sweatshirt :$

I have worked at the uni for many years (am a mature student!) and I have had students' parents coming in to see me to ask if I will change their child's marks!! :-s


He...what is it about those Italians? Do they know something we don't?

I hope you tell those parents to bugger off (or the Italian equivalent).