I've submitted my thesis! Yipeeee!


Dear PhDers,
An epic journey which has finally ended, last Thursday to be precise. It was a very long and convoluted journey. I can say that I have attempted Everest. Now, I await the viva and then my final goodbye to this forum.
Good luck to those who have chosen this journey!,-)

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Congratulations, Hairui, you must be so pleased! Good luck with the viva.


Congratulations! It's a great feeling to get that done.


Thank you. I'm just so glad that I can go shopping and watch telly without feeling guilty anymore. I know I should feel on top of the world but I think that would only happen on my graduation, and then it would definitely be OVER!;-)


Congrats on submitting! I know what you mean. I thought the stress would end on submission but it's still there... good luck with viva!


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Congrats !!! (up)


Wow, that's fab Hairui :-)


Congrads Hairui.