If my revisions are not acceptable...


hi, I've got 2 months to go in which to submit my revised thesis. I do not have to go through another viva, although I think I would be a lot more assertive the 2nd time round, too much perhaps, anyway. My worry is that I might not be able to revise my work to the required standard. If this were to prove to be the case, would I end up with nothing, or would I at least achieve an MPhil, as was offered to me if I declined to revise? Or does this depend on which institution I'm at?

Any advice gratefully received before I have to ask my less than helpful internal and 'moody' supervisor.


Apologies for not having the answer, but I am in exactly the same boat, with the same time span and have been wondering the same.


I was told my revisions would be checked to ensure they're in order, if that helps and it will be an examiner that will check them.


I think there is always anxiety of achieving the standard set by the examiner over post viva comments whether minor or majors. I would suggest that for your revisions you should set up a word doc to explain what changes you have made to every comment they have given. This will help them to find the changes and justify your decisions. I would also expect that your supervisor is checking the progress of the revisions too. Assuming that you have addressed all of the comments and have justified your responses to them, then the standard should have been achieved. I know it is hard to doubt yourself at this time, especially as the comments can seem a little vague. I know I was worried too! Good luck with the revisions, not long to go so well done (up)


i totally feel the same but in my case, after my terrible viva am ok with whatever outcome. i just want to leave that institution.

thanks for the idea on the word document. will do that post submission which is like you in about 7 weeks.

i think there comes a point when you decide moving on is the best idea. in my case, my external's revisions were unrealistic. i have ended up writing a whole new thesis and ignoring some of his revisions. he titled his revisions letters 'requirements/suggestions for revision.' i hope to get away by saying that although i didn't cite a particular piece, i took it as a suggestion and referred to similar work that made the same point. suggestions are optional right? i particularly hate that my examiner is from another field and so i have had to learn too much stuff that's not from my area. i've nearly forgotten what my area was all about!

i know how you feel. if that helps. just do your best. that's all you can. in my case the examiners decided that i even need a new viva after saying i didn't at examination. i really hate them. but there's more to life. i can't wait to be done regardless. i only regret that i spent too much time in that institution. but that's life. you live and learn.

all the best Ohmy. :)


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Hi Ohmy...

I was wondering the exact same thing over the last few days (although I have 9mths left until my deadline). Although I'm working really hard (helped with strong coffee), I worry that they will still reject my revised thesis........

I share your worries, but surely if you've followed your examiners corrections closley and clarifed any ambigious corrections, then you should pull through this with a good outcome?

Hi Jojo- I was thinking about you over the last few weeks. I hope you're ok! All the best with your second submission!

Ohmy- I just wanted to reassure you that you're not alone with your concerns...I agree with JoJo, you can only do your best!