If you could meet one person regardless of time who would it be?


Just curious to know ...

I would quite like to meet Hitler to ask him what the f**k he was thinking.
but it would also be quite interesting to meet Jesus


Thats a really good question.

I'm not really sure about who I would meet, as there are several.

Robert Oppenheimer- ask him about the work on the manhattan project (atom bomb-1945) and how his own conscience collided with the demands from the US government. He also worked with some now-famous names such as Rutherford and Bohr.

Marie Curie- Her dedication during her PhD was phenomenal, she rarely even stopped to eat as she was so into her work.

Bin Laden- just to give him a kicking

others include-
Sir Alex Ferguson, George Best, keira Knightley (so fit!!!), Guy Fawkes, William Shakespeare, Kurt Cobain.

There are more but the first two and Kurt Cobain are the ones I would most like to meet.


Looking back at my reply, I realised that must look like such an inconsistent and strange list!!!


I would have to meet Elvis.
What a legend!

Second to him would be Mohammed Ali.


mine would be...

Kurt cobain - a genius

Johnny cash - another genius

Pete Steele from type o negative - yum yum yum

Jon Davis from korn when he was in his life is peachy years - yum yum.



who is she?


Yeah I def will, me and my mum are going to watch it for her birthday.


John Wilmott, Earl of Rochester (For a night on the town), Marilyn Monroe, and Stephen Fry.


Of course my real nunmber one would be ORLANDO!! Can that man get any fitter?!!


I'd like to meet some of the people on here to see if they fit the mental image I have of them :D


That's a good one H! Dare we ask about your mental images?

I'd like to meet Robert Llewellyn (presenter of'Scrapheap Challenge' and 'Hollywood Science' and played Kryton in Red Dwarf).

I would NOT want to meet Trinny and/or Susannah, or Gillian 'I've got a dodgy internet PhD' McKeith!


yeah tell us about your mental images of us


Me in the future to see if I pass the PhD :-)

I'd love to meet Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Some of my ancestors to find out about my roots, Einstein and George Bush just to see how his little mind works...


I would like to meet Karl Marx, Baudrillard, Jamie Oliver, Kiefer Sunderland (and play CTU with him), Madonna & Jeremy Paxman.

Mia agreed stongly re Sharleen. What an annoying face she has.


I would like to meet my ancestors too