In need of someone's opinion


I'd like to hear some opinions about my idea of doing a masters. I graduated in 2007 with a 1st class degree in sociology with women's studies. I have thought of continuing my studies in gender studies, and have considered doing a masters at LSE in gender and development. However, I am a bit desilusioned about the prospect of getting a job after I finish my studies and have been thinking of doing something more practical. I am bilingual in Spanish and English and have had some experience translating information documents in these languages. I find translation quite interesting and potentially a career that I could get into. I have been looking at translation courses, more specifically MAs. I am also considering doing my masters abroad, maybe in Amsterdam or Bologna. I would really appreciate if someone could give me their opinion on the following:
can I do a masters in translation after doing a degree in sociology?
Where do you think is the best place to study a masters: UCL in London or somewhere else in Europe (if so, where?)
I am so you feel lost too?

thanks a lot in advance.




Technically, you do not need a MA in translation specifically to work as a translator in the UK (if that is where you want to work). A former housemate of mine currently works as one, he did a MA in French and German (- he's English). He got the job straight away, but was asked to start learning a third foreign language. That is, his fourth language in all.

It bothers me to say but I think that with only one foreign language, you may struggle bad to get a job as translator. Epecially as competition must be fierce for Spanish. For the MA, I believe you may have to have at least two foreign languages and some background in linguistics... Then I just assume it is so! Probably you should check a few universities entry requirements and all, and also job ads, simply enough. Hopefully you'll prove me all wrong!

Good luck anyway :)


What you choose as a Masters depends on what you would like to work at. I have a Masters in Womens studies and all my class got employment. So I wouldn't rule it out for that reason. Which would you find the most interesting to study? Good Luck in whatever you choose


for me. i chose my masters cos i enjoyed the subject topics and contents so knew it would hold my interest and id enjoy it. i finished with a merit last year. im starting my PhD this year in a topic i thoroughly enjoy and so i know it will hold my interest long-term