Interview for lecturing job (social science)


Hi everyone,

I'm due to submit my thesis at the end of this month and on Monday I have an interview for a lecturing job. I've applied for a few posts but this is the only one that I've been shortlisted for. They've send me instructions for the interview that states that I will be required to do a 15 minute micro teach followed by a 45 minute interview. There are 4 other candidates and I'll b the first to do the micro teach and be interviewed. I don't normally get nervous but I'm petrified. I know I'm very fortunate to have been shortlisted considering I have not even been granted my PhD yet and have only one publication but I have taught on undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervised throughout the 3 years I have been doing the PhD. The nerves have been at bay all week but today I have just felt really anxious and have begun to doubt myself. It feels like imposter syndrome.... I know deep down that I can do the job but I'm worried my self doubts will take over on the day and ruin my chances.

Can you give me any tips or advice on how I might keep my nerves at bay?


First off - congrats on getting an interview - that is brilliant!

My best tip is practice, practice, practice. That's the best way for me to overcome nerves. And visualise yourself giving a brilliant performance.

Good luck!


TreeofLife gives good advice - practice your teaching session, ideally at least once or twice with a friendly audience who are prepared to give you feedback on both your visual aids and the verbal presentation. For the interview itself go through the job description carefully and if they haven't already been identified, pick out the key competencies for the position. For each make sure you have a couple of examples to demonstrate that you posess the competency, and be sure to be able to give a "STAR" for each example - what was the Situation or Task, what Actions did you take and what was the Result. I've found that even if the interviewers are not formally using this approach, just having this structure in my head helps me feel calm and organised. Finally, remember that you are also interviewing the organisation! Make sure you have some questions prepared which you want answers to, for example, how many teaching hours are expected, what are the opportunities for further training etc. Write these down and take them with you, along with a copy of your CV, completed application form etc. Very good luck.


You've already been given some great advice, I just wanted to add a tiny little thing to SallyK's suggestion of using the STAR method. I've personally found it really helpful in the past but I usually also add a short bit at the end where I explain what I learnt from the situation I've described.

Congratulations on getting the interview, that's a great achievement! I'll keep my fingers crossed!!