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I have an interview for a postdoc position and have been asked to give a presentation on my research (which is fairly standard) but I have also been told "You should briefly introduce how the skills and knowledge from this work might transfer to the advertised position"

I am wondering where the appropriate place to discuss this might be at the beginning or at the end of the presentation. To me the most natrual way of doing things seems to be to talk about the research and relate it to the position at the end, however the phrase begining "introduce how the skills..." suggests they might be expecting it at the start. What are peoples view on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Laney! Well done on getting the interview! I don't think that their use of 'introduce' means that they want to see it in the introduction necessarily, just that they want you to briefly mention the ways in which your skills are transferable. I would leave it to the end so you can first talk about what your skills are and how you have used them during your previous project, and then go on to say how they would be useful in the job that you are applying for. That would be my take on it anyway! Good luck! KB


Thanks Keenbean, that's what I was thinking of doing, it was only when discussing it with friends who had the opposite opinion that I started to doubt myself.


There are following tips to make your interview best:
Enter into a state of relax concentration.
Act spontaneous, but be well prepared.
set goals for the interview.
Know the question behind the question..
Be smart about money questions.


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