Is it possible to fail PhD after resubmitting the thesis?


Hi, I have recent passed the viva with major corrections. I'm wondering whether how common it is to fail after resubmitting the thesis. I am so nervous about the whole thing. Can't eat/sleep proper for days.


You are highly likely to pass at this stage if you have done what the examiners have requested. Try to forget about it for now and focus on other things, the outcome may take a while.


Hi Frida,
I just finished my PhD after majors. My supervisor told me throughout that it is impossible to fail unless you don't follow what the examiners want. Saying that, top tips:
-when you get the full report through read it carefully and discuss with your examination team. Now is the time to query and maybe even negotiate a few points.
-take your time- Break it into smaller chunks and if your internal examiner is amicable arrange to meet up and discuss. Mine allowed me to send him a new first draft some six months before my resubmission. That was helpful as I then knew I was on the right lines but annoying because he moved the goalposts ever so slightly.
-be prepared for minors. These should be pretty minimal though.
-feel free to PM me also.



Thank you so much for your encouragements and advice. I am so worried to the point that I am sinking into depression. I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. Your comments make me feel much better!!


Frida_VI I am in a very similar position. I was awarded the phd pending minor corrections (technically) however these corrections involved re-write or additions to all chapters, more analysis, literature and new interpretations. I was given 6 months. I submitted the corrected thesis this week. Terrified of them saying that it is still no good or even worse than the original.

It's been tough with colleagues and friends congratulating me post-submission and post viva and not understanding that I still had/have a long way to go.


It's unlikely that the examiners will change their mind and fail you after you make the necessary revision. If they are not satisfied with the revision, they will just ask for further amendments and clarification.


Grumpy mule, Im in a very similar situation to you, given minors technically, but which are actually quite significant! In currently half way through my 6 months though. It's good to know somebody with a similar result who has submitted the corrections! My supervisor says examiners will normally just accept corrections without too much fuss.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Hopefully, everything will turn out to be fine for all of us. Never give up. Never surrender!!