Italian searching a PhD in computing/mathematics


Hi guys.
I'm an Italian computer science student, and I'm going to graduate (the next February).
I would really like to take a PhD in London (or other city in the UK ), starting from September/October 2011.
Well, my main problem is that I don't have an English language certification (yet), I can understand written English very well (I regularly read English books), but I'm not so good in writing and talking (as you see:), perhaps I simply need some more practice and experience.
Do you think I have to give up for this reason? Maybe it's too late to get a certificate here in Italy? Is there a possibility to obtain the needed certificate(s) directly in UK?
Also, what about founding? Where should I ask?
I'm looking at various UK universities websites, and also on this website, but I steel feel a bit confused
Is there any Italian (or not) who had similar experience? Can anyone give me some "personal" hints?
Thanks a lot!!!


Hello Phila,

Your questions are fairly general, but I understand it is difficult to understand the British system coming from Italy (that kind of reminds me of me 3 years ago :)). Anyway, each university will have its own requirement for the English language. It is likely that you will have to prepare for the TOEFL examination, and depending on the institution, you may be asked to pass it with a certain score.

About the funding, and this is the difficult bit, you will have to identify a university which has an open position which provides funding for an EU student (try consulting the website for a start), after you identify a position you like, you will have to apply (and compete) for it. If you are a suitable candidate and there are no competitors with better curriculum, you will be selected.
This is fairly similar to hunting for a job, you have to identify where the funded positions are, and apply for them if they suit you.

Feel free to PM me (in Italian :D) if you like.