job market


anyone have any information on the job market for phd graduates?
i know it's impossible to predict the future, but, how many teaching positions are there and how difficult are these to get? are there more phd students then ever before, meaning it will become increasingly difficult to obtain a permanent teaching post? i'm searching google, but just wondering if someone had already done similar research regarding the job market. would be good to hear from you. thanks, have a good day.


Job market? What job market!!


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I think it very much depends on your subject how many people with PhDs are out there. I think alot of it comes down to luck, positions coming up at the right time etc. Obviously the job market is tougher than usual at the moment so that doesn't help.


Very subject specific - as already stated. it might be worth signing up for a listserve in your country/discipline to see what the temperature is like at the moment.