Journal article request


Hi People, does anyone have a PDF copy of this, or access to brain research bulletin to get said PDF copy?

Alm P, On the autonomic innervation of human vas deferens. 1982. Brain Research Bulletin. Jul-Dec,9(1-6):673-7.

Many thanks

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Sorry, only have access to that journal from 1995 onwards. With something that old, it might be an inter-library loan for a paper copy, I'm afraid!


Hopefully somebody else can access it but I agree that an ILL might be the only way to go. I have access to two libraries' electronic journals, my own and eh, ahem, my daughter's! Hers is a copyright library but even they didn't have it electronically.

Sorry :-(


Hi, I can get that. Drop me a PM with your email.


Just got it, many thanks for your help SBCC