Journal papers from PhD


Hoping to get a couple of journal papers from PhD - but just wondering whether it is 'allowed' to use large chunks of the PhD text, or does it have to re-written again - ie can you be seen to plagiarise yourself!?!


I think you should rewrite it. However, I *think* you can cite yourself, but the other way around. That is, you would cite your article (published or forthcoming) in your thesis, rather than cite your thesis in your article.


I used some text from my thesis in my papers and vice versa. I didn't cite my papers in my thesis, but I just included the published one as an appendix.

I did find that the angles I used in my papers were different from my thesis so I ended up rewriting things a bit anyway.


I checked this for my masters thesis and apparently you can copy and paste parts, since it is only going to be published once (as in the journal). When I did it for my masters paper, I ended up rewriting parts anyway to make it fit in the word limit and only include the relevant parts (which included getting rid of LOADS of references to save words).


Hi Red,

Depends on whether your PhD thesis is considered a publication in itself or not.

For example, in Australia, PhD theses are not considered proper publications (and are only if you decide to epublish them through your University, which I did not do), so you are encouraged to publish straight from your PhD. Rewriting is necessary, but to make it into a strong journal article, not because it 'needs to be rewritten.' I just had a paper accepted based on my last data chapter of my thesis (yay!) and it was in parts, rewritten and in parts, word for word.

However, I've been told that in some countries (I feel like Sweden or maybe it was Switzerland?) dissertations ARE considered publications, and as such, you can't copy and paste because it would then be plagiarism.

So I would look into requirements around that.

I also published a portion of my content analysis chapter as a publication before submission, and then reintegrated that into my thesis. I put in the acknowledgements: 'parts of chapter __ were previously published as "title" in Journal/Volume/ISSN etc.

But different countries/universities have different rules and regulations around this.


I should add - I'm at a UK institution.