JSA-Job Seeker Allowance



If your funding runs out then in fourth year (or write-up months) are you entitled to JSA? Does anybody have any information on this issue please


I'm pretty sure you can claim Job Seekers allowance when your funding runs out. I'm sure that someone else will confirm this by tomorrow and know more than me. But this question has been asked before and it was basically said that you can.

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One thing I would say about this is: Only tell them what you absolutely have to, so don't tell them you are finishing up, or that you have a viva; just say that your PhD studentship is over and that you are available for full-time work, which your are. In my experience, and from what I seen on this forum, the JSA people tend not to know their arse from their elbow and if you get a 'Pauline' (the league of gentlemen) type, then any fragment of an excuse could be used to disqualify you, or at least disrupt your claim, and they are nigh on impossible to dispute with in any rational way.

Good luck

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They won't give you JSA if you have savings over a certain amount - probably a few K. So basically punishing you for being prudent. I am planning to put all my savings into my mortgage if I do need JSA when my funding has run out. And don't forget if you have another half you may be allowed to claim tax credits - although I have no idea how this works and whether you need a kid or not.