Just a mini moan if that's ok


2 weeks from submission... YEAH! But feels like an eon away. All the writing is done (phew), and editing in process. Then today I get my supervisors comments on my discussion: he doesn't like my discussion. How frustrating. The writing process is so incredibly difficult (for me). I took a while thinking about what to put in the discussion, thought I had come up with a nice neat way of bringing it all together, sweated over writing the words, and get a negative response. At this stage, you kind of get used to it, but it's still difficult to deal with. And I know, better now than after submission. But i've no idea where I'm going to find the words or ideas to make a better discussion. My brain is frazzled. Hey ho. Will deal with it later when I've edited the other chapters. Oh to transport myself 2 weeks into the future and not have to go through these last two weeks! Surreal to be so close, yet so far away ;o) End of message from the front line...


oh drat, that must be awful! can you take half a day off? just to get at least some distance... if you can't do that - have a cuddle with your cat, or go for an hours walk with your dog, or go for a ride around the block with your bike...
i'll send you lots of final-weeks-energy through the cable!


so sorry Seabird. if you can take a day off that would be great. try doing something you reaaaaly enjoy and then get back to it. if you like watching movies i hear atonment is pretty good!


Poor thing. I hope to print next week. I've spent extra months making my thesis stronger and easier to defend, and done all my supervisor's suggestions, and now my supervisor is saying I will get corrections and I could sound more authoritive if I had a few weeks to work on it . Not encouraging.
Think how near it will be, then it will all be written.