Just one supervisor


I've been studying my PhD now for a year and a half and although I have 2 allocated supervisors, I only see one of them (which is very regularly) but I never see the other one at all and he has absolutely no input into my PhD . He would be there if I had major problems but couldn't help with any of my degree work as he works in a completely different field - obviously I know this is good as there can never be any conflicts between them but is it okay to have just one supervisor overseeing the PhD? Any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks


You can get by, but it's not ideal, especially if you have a disagreement of sorts. I have three and will trade them off against each other to get a hopefully balanced opinion. Why isn't your other supervisor involved? Can you do more to get him/her involved more?

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the majority of people in my field of study technically have 2, but never see the second. I didn't even know who my second was until 3 weeks ago - and I am going into my third year. I also only see my 1st supervisor about 2-3 times a year. I guess it depends on how experienced that sup is, mine is a professor who has supervised many other projects