Just submitted - worst time of year? Any experiences?


Have finally completed the proof reading hell and submitted the bloody thing. Feel flat as a pancake.

Want to get the viva out the way asap - has anyone else submitted in August and if so, when was the viva? I'm hoping for end of September, before all the UG's descend and teaching begins...am I being unrealistic?


Congrat's on submitting :D

My aim was to submit in a week or so but my original timetable has been blown out of the water by an extremely slow return of feedback (unavoidable in this case). From what I've heard though it might be possible to get the viva done within 4-6 weeks. Do you already know who your external is?

It's probably normal to feel a bit flat now, I wouldn't worry! You've been geared up and writing, working at 100% and now you've got a gap. Take some time for yourself and charge the batteries :D


I submitted 29 June and have my viva mid aug. - but it was tricky working around staff holidays.

If all concerned have had their hols., should be possible for you to get the viva organised by the end of sept., (and I imagine examiners will want to get it sorted before then). All depends on your uni. though.

Good luck!


Hi Mothlene

I submitted today too. My viva is provisionally set for 1st Oct. I agree it's a tough old time of year to get things sorted. I found I had to be really proactive and push everybody hard. Even with that... was hard. Admin side of things is tough too... and sometimes it feels noone has the same sense of urgency as you. *grin* I suspect that's because, well, it's just one more thesis for them... even if it's the 'only' thesis for us. To tell the truth, I'm just so glad it's finished and in, I'm just going to trust that all will go as it should now. Well, at least until end of month. In the meantime, I'm taking some well-earned rest. Have you spoken to your supervisor about examiners, viva, etc. If not, best to try and pin them down as soon as you can and keep talking until you get a sensible answer, if possible. ;-) Best of luck. Meantime, agree with others here - try to enjoy being 'free'. You've earned it.


Thank you everyone. Bak - great to hear your viva is set for Oct 1st. With regards to holidays: my supervisor is away until last week of August, I believe the external has been chosen and I also think he's probably away too. The internal - I know who it is but have no idea about holiday situaiton. I just hope everyone will be back by 1st week in Sept and that the viva can be late Sept/ early Oct at the latest.

Yes, trying to enjoy time off (I cleaned my house today for the first time in months) but will keep up the pressure - don't want it dragging on and if I've got revisions, I'd rather be getting on with them sooner rather than later!

Thanks all.