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I have a problem with a sentence.
I need to rephrase it, but my mind seems to have stopped since yesterday.

The phrase is: "the emphasis is on the way they are seen to have extended their caring roles into the workspace, in the way they approach leadership and in the impact this has on their lives"

Could someone please help me?????????

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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I'd love to help but I'm not sure I understand the sentence..let's see:

1) we are talking of someone with a caring role

2) this role seems to have extended to embrace other fields/activities

3) these new fields/activities in which now the caring role is palpable are: workspace, attitude towards leadership, and "impact this has on their lives"? what is "this"? and how can the caring role extent to the impact of something?

:-) can you help clarify?


I am taliking about people who are mothers, fathers, carers for elderly people etc (have a caring role) and at the same time they are leaders. My analysis show that they seem to behave in a caring way in their organisation, as well (their workplace). But, this approach to leadership, seems to affect their peronal lives, as they tend to "carry" the issues from the organisation around (because they adopt a caring style, they do not leave everything behind).

Does it make more sense now????

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absolutely! now it's clear, thanks! (up)

what about something like:

emphasis of the study is on the way their caring role (or carers role?) seemingly spread from their personal to their professional life, entering their experience of and atttitude towards leadership, and on how this behavioural change in turn affects their personal lives.

... ehm, I've to say (but you maybe understood it already)I'm not native Eng, so you'll have to revise my suggestion anyway..but just to give it shot :-)

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It seems to be a lot to fit into one sentence so perhaps it should be broken down into maybe two or three sentences. Perhaps....“The emphasis is on the way they are seen to have extended their caring roles into the workplace, incorporating the characteristics of caring into their leadership approach. This caring style of leadership impacts on their personal lives as the issues they care about at work continue to concern them beyond the workplace.”


Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!

(I am not native English speaker either)