Last mile blues


Hi All,

First time poster here, found a lot of stories that make me feel like my feelings are maybe not entirely nutty. I am in my third year of my Phd and my empirical work is done and I have written up the results in my thesis already. I am on my fourth draft of the full thesis with comments and suggested changes coming back from my three study leaders. I know this is part of the overall process but I am really losing faith in the work with all the changes. It just feels like I should have submitted by now. I am probably just complaining, but just had to get that off my chest.

Thanks for reading this.


Changes now from your supervisors are better than answering comments from examiners. Don't worry. These are all worth it.


I recently submitted my thesis for examination, and it is my 4th draft too. The feedback from your supervisors is based upon what an examiner might ask when he/she reads your thesis. Writing for an audience is difficult, and your supervisors are helping you navigate these treacherous waters. Remember, since you have conducted the field work and read all of the literature, everything you rite makes perfect sense to you but not to an outsider. There's nothing wrong with you or your ability to write. Keep your eye on the prize, which is completion. Good luck!