last minute accountability thread: final thesis calendar of proccedings! stuff left to do!


Thanks . Trying to have a productive day today. Want to squeeze a good 1,000 words out by early evening. :-)


Approaching complete collapse. There has been tears. Need to get this done. So much to do. It feels a crap mess.

I'm just tired from re-drafting so many times . I wish I had been good enough not to have to do that, or hadn't been made to.


You WILL get it done, it is NOT a crappy mess, it will all be over soon. Come on, push-- get that baby out (sprout)

Someone else reading it is not going to feel about it what you do- most people I know who've finished thought their thesis was crap, especially in the final days before submission. This is normal. Do what you can and then let it go.


I had a paper accepted into a journal today, bringing a nice sense of completion to the thesis. Every part of it is not published as a paper and one section as a book chapter. A nice bit of news in an otherwise cheerless week. I also have a very kind friend proofreading and correcting parts of the thesis that I am too tired or drained to pay attention too :)

Now back to the thesis...


Hey that's great. Hang in there is will soon be finished.


Way behind on the schedule - it all feel to bits. Had to spend 10 hours yesterday marking GCSE papers. Well, I will be up without sleep until Tuesday lunchtime and I still will be unhappy with what I have (sloppy footnotes, too down and sad to implement most of my sups comments etc)... but it will be in .


ugh Chris I could kill your stupid ex for you! Keep on going, you are so close, and I'm 100% positive it's a much better thesis than you think, if it was so bad, your supervisors would have just told you not to bother! It's publishable quality obviously, so you have that behind you! your examiners can't turn around now and say that it's not PhD worthy, so just try to put those worries aside, and concentrate on getting over these final few hurdles. Once you have submitted, you are free for a while, focus on getting to that point and then you can let all the other thoughs come back to you. But stay positive, and keep going. We all have faith in you!


Hi Chrisrolinski
In a dire bout of procrastination I stumbled upon your thread and it is encouraging me too in the final push. I'm hoping to get it printed and handed in on Friday.
How are you getting on today? Hope it's all going well. Remember, even if you don't get all your supervisors suggestions in, there's no saying that they would have been necessary for the examiners you have.
Right, having said that, on with my sup's list of suggestions!:p


Right. I need to have it with the binders by early afternoon.

Need to run through footnotes. Re-write part of a chapter, and clean up the bibliogrpahy. No sleep tonight.


Wow, chrisrolinski, you're almost there now! This time tomorrow, you'll have a whole load of thesis-related pressure removed. You can do it!


Gah. I had to sleep. I knew I couldn't format hundreds of footnotes and bibliog when that tired. Must try and get done by the end of the day and send to binders tmrw. I could still meet my deadline of the 30th.


Wow - you go girl!!! Much better to do it when you're fresh and rested (well, as rested as you can be a few hours before submission) so nearly over for you now - I hope that you have a huge glass of wine, massive bar of chocolate and heck, have a big chocolate cake too once you've handed that in :-) Gooooooo - final push and the thesis is delivered :-)


Keep going Chris!!! You are getting there!! (up)


Thanks people. Just the abstract and footnotes now. Sleepy. Supposed to be having dinner out tonight. I will also be up most of the night marking GCSE papers and then going to the bindery tmrw morning. (can I have a cartoon tired person as a picture please?!) ;-)

This time tmrw. I want a thesis in my hand!!!!!!!!


Good luck tonight Chris! Just one more day to go. Hang on in there.