Latex to word


Hello...I have used Latex for my BSc and MSc and now have changed universities. An issue I have is whether you have had success with converting Latex documents to word (to send to a supervisor for example who has no Latex knowledge). I really like the way it looks, and so would like to use Latex for the PhD too.

Thank you


can you not convert the file to PDF, and send the PDF to your supervisor? Or will you be wanting them to make corrections for you?


Thank you...they generally do some track changes and comments to my word document.


yes it's possible to convert latex to word, e.g. with this little programme:

You'll probably have to edit the converted text a little bit and correct a few things that the programme missed (at least in my experience), but in general it works ok in my opinion. Perhaps there's also other programmes out there, so perhaps also try out other programmes (google finds quite a lot).


My preferred method is to use the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It has the option to export pdf files as a rich text file and the output is almost always perfect.


I made a tutorial and a template to help you write a thesis using word 2007.
It makes things really easy, you can do in word almost everything that Latex offers.