Launch of our Postgraduate Scholarships for 2013.


Hi everyone,

It refers to this below message on this forum (it was one of the reason I joined this forum couple of months ago). But I am just wondering what is the procedure to obtain this funding or to apply for it. As I could't find anything on the website.
(Furthermore, it was said on my joining this forum, that once you are registered with this forum you will be given certain amount of funding). and are proud to announce the launch of our Postgraduate Scholarships for 2013.

We have two sets of scholarships on offer for the second year running, one set for potential Masters students and one set for those embarking on PhD studies. There are six subject specific Masters scholarships of £500, six subject specific PhD scholarships of £500, two shared scholarships of £500, and two general scholarships of £1,000.

The scholarships are open to students of any nationality who are intending to study at any state-accredited EU institution from autumn 2013.

Registration is now open and details of how to sign up are here:
Can anyone please help?


Hi Samreen,

To apply for our 2013 Scholarships you will need to visit the link:

and complete the form on that page.

We will use the details you give to email you details of how to apply for the Scholarships by the end of this month (May), and then applications will be open until the end of August.

I hope this helps to answer your question - please get in touch if you need any further help. Thank you and good luck!


Many thanks for your reply. Although I had done it before as well ( and receiving the newsletter regularly) but have filled this form again. I hope I'll be informed by an email before the next scholarships.

Kind Regards