London PhD


I really hope to a PhD after I finish my master's degree. I have noticed that London studentships do not offer London weighting, are there any London PhDers out there? Is it a serious struggle compared to those studying in other parts of the country?


Actually there usually is a London allowance on top of the normal stipend for studentships at London institutions. I'm hoping to get one myself, and while it won't be a huge amount (somewhere from 15,500-17,500 depending on where the funding comes from) I think it should be enough for me to manage on for 3 or 4 years without going into debt. I guess it depends where you will be living/studying, as housing and travel costs will be the main thing.

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yep you usually get an extra £2k on top of the normal stipend because London is so miserable.


It's difficult to compare, as I've only ever been a PhD student in London.

But AFAIK most research councils offer a bit extra (~£2k pa) to PhD students in London. This might not be flagged up as ***London Weighting*** on a studentship advertisment, but if you look at a research council website you might be able to find the details.


Yup, I got 2k more than if I'd have had the same funding else where.